Narratiive Publisher Profile – February 2016

Mariaan Scott, Business Development Manager at MyBroadband


Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent.

I’m the business development manager for MyBroadband and BusinessTech. MyBroadband is the largest technology publication in the country, with 1.8 million unique South African browsers per month. We are also one of the top 10 websites in South Africa according to the latest Narratiive statistics. BusinessTech is the second largest business website in South Africa, with 1 million unique visitors per month.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge for digital media in South Africa? Content, advertising contextual relevance etc.

The digital media industry in South Africa is a very exciting place to be – it is fast paced, and is showing exceptional growth. The challenge for publishers is to keep up with the latest developments and technologies, which enable them to offer the best possible value to their clients. We work very hard to ensure that we are in line with international standards, and it is showing excellent results.

What is your media property doing to deal with and combat these above challenges?

We innovate. Every day we try to do things a little better, and it is all the small improvements that add up to give our clients great value.

If you had to pick one do you see your property as being: A. a value for money – great reach; B. niche but extremely relevant; C. contextualised for the user

Definitely A. MyBroadband is by far the largest technology publication in South Africa, and BusinessTech is now the second largest business publication in the country. This excellent reach allows us to offer our clients the best value for money available. A company only has to advertise with us once to know that it works, and works well. When you advertise on MyBroadband and BusinessTech, you know that people sit up and take notice of your banners and content. We have virtually no drop-out rate of advertisers, and the reasons are simple: we offer the best value and best service to our partners.

What is going to be your focus for the next 12 months to ensure you are able to offer advertisers A,B or C?

We are building on our current product range, and are adding new advertising and marketing products which offer excellent reach at unbeatable prices. Our 2016 product range offers everything a company needs: premium display advertising, content, newsletters, social media, research, lead generation, and native advertising.

What sets us apart is that we offer many services associated with these products – like banner design and article writing – completely free of charge to our partners.

What is your greatest concern when it comes to the digital industry in South Africa?

We really do not have many concerns. It is such a great industry, with so much potential, that we feel lucky to be part of this industry in South Africa. While concerns like ad blockers, online censorship, and online trolling are always present, the Internet is such a great place that solutions typically come along before these concerns become serious problems.

What do you believe is done to address this concern?

The digital media market is growing rapidly, and we will see challenges like regulatory intervention and free-speech challenges as it overtakes other media platforms. I think the digital players have shown that they are up for this challenge, after the recent FPB online censorship discussions.

What are your plans in the next 12 months to “Make Digital Awesome”?

Within the next few months we will launch our new MyBroadband Digital website. This platform will make it much easier for our partners to test their campaigns, check what their banners and wallpapers will look like on our websites, and understand our main offerings.

We will also refine our native advertising and social media offerings, which will be a definite winner for our partners.

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