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Using our on-page surveys and visitation data that we collect using the Narratiive tag, we apply an advanced act-a-like modelling algorithm to create high volume demographic audience data segments.

E.g. Gender, Age, Income, Profession, Nationality, Generations, Household Composition

Lead your advertising campaigns with the emerging market’s largest pool of audience data, supported by premium publishers.


These segments are suitable for branding and for media plans that feature brand target personas.

Persona segments are modelled from a combination of interest and survey data.E.g. Double Income No Kids, Healthy Happy Bodies, Beauty and Fashion Queens, Affluent Arabs, Home Chefs and Foodies, Sports-Mad Males

Smarter data, smarter spend


Our interest segments are created using audience site-browsing behaviour. Cookies qualify for a segment once a minimum number of page views is reached across sites or pages.

E.g. News & Politics, Technology & Computing, Style & Fashion

Utilize IAB accredited data insights to grow your business

• Relied on by media agencies for planning


Intender segments are helpful for targeting lower funnel prospects with intention to purchase. They are created using browsing data from selected price comparison, ecommerce and premium classified sites.

E.g. Property Purchase Intenders, Toyota Brand Intenders, Travel Intenders, Laptop Intenders, Smartphone Intenders

Compare your assets to your competitors

• Benchmark by  demographics 

Narratiive is a world leading audience measurement, modelling and verification company.

Combining deep expertise in machine learning & AI modelling with a wide range of partner data sets, we provide the market with a comprehensive, single view of user behaviour across websites, apps, connected TV & email campaigns.

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